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On Worker Cooperatives

An Interview with Niki Okuk of RCO Tires Cooperative

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July 26, 2021
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[Content warning: this video contains a brief discussion of lynching, and graphic historical photos, starting at 11:47 and going until 12:12.]

On the show this week, Chris Hedges discuss worker cooperatives with Niki Okuk founder of the worker cooperative, Rco Tires.

Okuk founded Rco Tires in 2012. They've since recycled more than 300 million pounds of rubber, diverting 70 million gallons of oil from landfills with 16 employees, making it one of southern California's largest sustainability plants. Rco creates alternative uses for trash tires, turning them into new products. Because of Okuk's progressive hiring and management practices, it provides stable jobs for local black and Latino residents who struggle to find employment because of past criminal convictions or legal status.


Author and social critic Chris Hedges conducts fascinating in-depth interviews with the fiercest critics of the establishment. Watch all episodes here.

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