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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

A New Breed of Worker Coops

An Interview with Joseph Cureton of the Staffing Cooperative

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February 24, 2020
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Joseph Cureton Is the Chief Coordinating Officer at the Staffing Cooperative. He works to bring new worker directed enterprises to life within the holding cooperative model. He is a founding member of Core Staffing, Bmore Black Techies, and Tribe Works all projects that the fight to overcome the challenges faced by modern workers. He is also a software engineer and chef by trade.

Interview Highlights:

  • Joseph’s journey from a fall back career in tech to recognizing more of his whole self in his work through serving formerly incarcerated folks and building an innovative business model

  • The genesis of The Staffing Cooperative, a new breed of a worker cooperative leveraging a holding company model that can overcome some of the limitations of the more common worker-cooperative model (eg: leveraging rhizomatic growth)

  • Joseph breaks down the structure and nuances of this innovative business model.

  • The opportunity for emerging leaders to participate in The Staffing Cooperative’s Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition program which kicks off in 2020 in Q3, but applications are being accepted now. Send Joseph an email.

  • Some sources of Joseph’s inspiration: Seed Commons ,, B Lab, Zebra’s Unite, and perhaps more surprisingly, KKR and Barbarians at the Gate.

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