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The Conversion of Oxbow Design Build

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May 6, 2021
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cross-posted from Cooperative Journal

Oxbow Design Build is a recently converted worker-owned design and construction cooperative in Easthampton, Massachusetts. They practice holistic design and building while creating custom furniture, developing new structures, and renovating. Beyond their impeccable designs and attention to detail, they also pride themselves in supporting local businesses, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendly designs.

Member-owner and project manager Carl Woodruff speaks with me about their transition to a worker cooperative, what it means to be a holistic design/build company, peer2peer networking, collaboration with other co-ops, some of their past/future projects, and how we can design to be in alignment with community and environmental needs.


Oxbow Design Build Website

Oxbow Design Build Facebook

Oxbow Design Build Instagram


A student of life that values food sovereignty, tangible community empowerment, and is the founder of Cooperative Journal - a resource for alternative economic models.

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