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Bringing Dignity to Caregiving

The Cooperative Approach to the Home Care Crisis

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June 3, 2021
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The home care crisis isn’t new, but it is receiving renewed attention that provides an opportunity to address some of the longstanding challenges this critical sector faces. There is a shortage in direct care providers—in part because of the growing number of people needing care, but also because the jobs are incredibly challenging, undervalued and underpaid. In several communities across the country, home care workers have come together to form worker cooperatives. As a co-op, home care providers own and control their businesses and experience lower workforce turnover, leading to more highly-trained workers and higher quality care.

Moderated by NCBA CLUSA Director of Government Relations Kate LaTour, “Bringing Dignity to Caregiving: The Cooperative Approach to the Home Care Crisis” will feature the following speakers:

Terrell Cannon, Director of Training and Workforce Development, Home Care Associates

Deborah Craig, Cooperative Development Specialist, Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Nora Edge, Executive Director, Capital Homecare Cooperative

Katrina Kazda, Program Director for Home Care, The ICA Group

Kezia Scales, Director of Policy Research, PHI

Jonathan Ward, Director of Lending, Fund for Jobs Worth Owning


NCBA CLUSA has been promoting, protecting and advancing the cooperative way of doing business in all areas of the economy since 1916. Our members include co-ops in food, farming, insurance, utilities, and service co-ops.

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