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What You Can Do to Support the Protests Right Now: A Guide

We are seeing protests, civil unrest, and even uprisings sweep across cities and towns all over the United States. What started in reaction to the brutal police murder of George Floyd has become about the systematic abuse, oppression, and destruction of black and brown communities nationwide.

This is, of course, happening within the context of a deadly and terrifying global pandemic that has killed more than 100,000 people in this country alone and put more than 40 million people temporarily or permanently out of work. A few months ago, those frankly felt like unimaginable numbers. But of course, we have to be real and recognize that the hardest hit communities in all of this are communities of color, where inequality and the legacy of racism has made people more vulnerable to the devastation of the virus. 

And so people are scared. They are angry. They want things to change. Rightfully so.

At a time like this, understanding how to affect change is more confusing than ever. So we at The TESA Collective put together a robust – but by no means definitive – guide to understanding what you can do right now to help the protests and the movement to end police brutality and murders. We’ve got resources, links, places to donate, ways to have conversations, signs to put up in your windows, free ebooks, advice on how to participate in protests safely in a pandemic, and more. 

It is possible some content in this guide may lose us some people. But as we argue below, none of us can stand by right now, and we have to face these difficult conversations, even if they strain cherished relations. So we hope you will join us in saying: black lives matter. 

One more thing. Not every piece of advice or every action below will be applicable or useful to everyone. That’s okay. Ignore what doesn’t work for you, and use what does work for you. Because no matter what, it’s time to act.

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