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Develop Your Organization's Democratic Capacity - Training Intensive Aug. 9, 2010 as part of the Worker Co-op Conference

July 22, 2010
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 The U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives is offering an intensive training session for organizations who want to make their internal processes more democratic and participatory. 

Melissa Hoover's description follows:

 Intensive Training: Developing Democratic Capacity
Monday 8/9/2010

No one ever said that democracy was easy, but it doesn't have to wear you out, either.  Without effective tools to structure and support accountable participation, workplace democracy can sometimes feel like trying to dig a well with a spoon.  This intensive training aims to help you find and use the best shovel for the job.

Part one will focus on developing tools for effective meetings, facilitation training and conflict resolution strategies and approaches. Part two focuses on systems of participation and accountability that work. We will look at various models from different workplaces, as well as some theories of democratic participation. Topics covered will include: mapping your decision-making, setting performance standards, evaluations and reviews, hiring and firing, grievance processes, and building a culture of accountability. We will emphasize what management and non-management cooperatives can learn from one another.

Trainers: Wendy Ormiston, LCSW and Mahasin Munir, Arizmendi; others to be announced


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