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You Can’t Carbon Copy Community Ownership

SPARCC has been working in six metropolitan regions for five years. We invest in and nurture relationships with multidisciplinary groups that bring together community residents, public and private sectors, and local governments in each city. From the very beginning of our partnership in 2016, community partners and residents alike have shared a growing fear of displacement—and yearned for community ownership as a safeguard against these growing pressures. As a result of these ongoing conversations, we’ve put an extensive amount of time and energy into researching community ownership models, their benefits, and how they function.

These models operate in vastly different ways, require different contexts to be successful, and offer different benefits. While each of the groups SPARCC has worked with agreed that community ownership is critical to building wealth in Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color, the exact model that each city—or even communities within the same city—ended up selecting differed.

We don’t have an exhaustive tool detailing the ideal enabling context for each model, but here are some lessons SPARCC has learned about the process.

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