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Worker Retention in Homecare: Could Cooperatives Be the Solution?

There are several drivers of high turnover including low wages, unpredictable scheduling, and limited career advancement. Many are also leaving the industry due to poor supervision, minimal benefits, and heavy workloads. A recent study on homecare retention found that homecare worker job satisfaction depended largely on the degree of control they felt over their work and the support they received from their agency or employer. Generally, homecare workers are overworked and undervalued, leading many to find more predictable schedules, easier work, and higher pay in other sectors like retail and even fast food.

The Solution: Homecare Cooperatives

To address this challenge, homecare operators are trying to improve employee benefits plans, offer training, and even provide signing bonuses. Advocates of homecare cooperatives, however, urge that the cooperative model is uniquely poised to address the issue of worker retention.

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