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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Worker Co-op 101 - An Introduction

This two-part, interactive series is designed for people who are working in a worker co-op. They are most appropriate for those who have recently become members or who are thinking of applying to join their co-op, but anyone involved in a worker co-op is welcome to participate. Part I will cover basic definitions, statistics on the movement, and the co-op principles as applied to worker co-ops. Part II will cover governance and management principles in a worker co-op, and provide information about CWCF.

NOTE: If at all possible, attendees should participate in both Part One on September 20 and Part Two on September 23, at noon ET for one hour each.

Presenter Bio - Hazel Corcoran

Register for this free webinar from the Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation on Eventbrite


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