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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

We’re Building a Co-op Marketplace for Artisans Online

Artisans Cooperative is in the early stages of development. Our next steps are to gather a virtual community of artisans, supporters, and partners through our website We will also gather support through social media and grassroots organizing. We will support our members during the holiday season with gift guides and social posts while we work towards an interim directory website. 

In order to democratically formalize the details of the organization with a large community – including the bylaws and the marketplace – The Artisans Cooperative is also recruiting an advisory board and applying to start-up accelerators and incubator programs. With our early advisor from the ICA Group, Shavon Prophet, we will be seeking formal assistance, business advice, and legal advice with the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and plan to apply for the competitive 2023 cooperative incubator program. 

The Artisans Cooperative is entirely volunteer-run and self-funded through small donations. We are actively recruiting more volunteer help and fundraising for additional support on start-up costs.

Read the rest on the Artisans Cooperative blog


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