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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

The Welcoming Center is Hiring a Cooperative Business Developer

The Welcoming Center (TWC) mission is to promote inclusive economic growth through immigrant integration. We seek to open doors of economic opportunity for immigrants of all education and skill levels and to build immigrants’ individual and collective agency to address barriers to integration and well-being. TWC does this through training programs focused on social, civic, and economic engagement which enhance skills and expand opportunities. TWC believes that immigrants broaden the productivity, profitability, and stability of this region and contribute to both Pennsylvania’s and the nation’s economic growth. Primary programs and initiatives include Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship, and Community Engagement. TWC is based in Philadelphia, PA.

TWC is partnering with Center for Family Life’s (CFL) Cooperative Development Program (CDP), a nationally-recognized leader in development of worker-owned cooperative businesses in immigrant, low-income communities to incubate a cleaning service cooperative in Philadelphia. CFL has  successfully incubated and launched five Brightly co-ops in the NY region and is now expanding to Philadelphia.

Together, TWC and CFL will focus on scaling the growth of cooperatives in the cleaning sector by developing the first social franchise in the Philadelphia (Brightly) with emphasis on protecting workers, and giving cooperatives access to the digital economy through developing the online platform Up & Go.

We invite you to be part of creating a new economy that puts workers in the center of the socio-economic system.

The Position: This is a full-time grant-funded position for ONE year.  We are looking for someone who can speak, read and write in Spanish, is well organized and can connect well with people of different backgrounds.  You will join a group of bilingual, experienced and energetic business developers to help us strengthen worker cooperatives and expand our scaling initiatives.

Read the rest and apply at The Welcoming Center


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