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Water for Rojava Committee publishes report on recent visit

A report has been released by the Water for Rojava Committee, detailing the findings from a visit to the region in October last year.

A number of members of the committee went on a delegation to North and East Syria, known as Rojava, including representatives from Siemenpuu (Finland), Solidarity Economy Association (UK) and Roots for Change (Switzerland).

The visit aimed to find out how the Water for Rojava funded projects are going, to identify future projects for support, to build further relationships and improve understanding the challenges and facing the region.

Water for Rojava is a co-operative fundraising effort led by the Solidarity Economy Association (SEA).

“SEA has been working on building solidarity and awareness about the Rojavan Revolution in northern Syria for some time,” said member Jo Taylor. “Since 2016 we’ve had the Co-operation in Mesopotamia project.”

Read the rest at Co-operative News


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