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Two UK co-operatives to star in feature-length TV documentary

Two "revolutionary" co-operatives have been chosen to star in a feature-length TV documentary to be aired across Europe.

Equal Care Co-operative and Suma, both from West Yorkshire, were selected ahead of thousands of co-operatives from across the UK. The pair will feature alongside co-operatives from mainland Europe, with filming set to take place later this year (2024). The documentary will be pitched to broadcasters in countries across the continent.

The project is a collaboration between Co-operatives UK, the Ivano Barberini Foundation, collective, Cooperative College and film production company Ladoc. It will showcase the transformative nature of co-operatives, with life-changing impact on individuals and communities.

Equal Care Co-op founder Emma Back said: "We think this could open a lot of eyes to the power of co-operatives to challenge the status quo and bring lasting, meaningful change to the sectors they operate in. In our case, it can shed light on the power of co-operative care and the positive changes it brings to the lives of caregivers, care users and their families."

Read the rest at Co-operative News


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