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Thousands of Co-op Members Voice Opposition to EPA’s Power Plant Rule

Nearly 47,000 comments have been submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency by electric cooperative consumer-members as part of a grassroots campaign organized by Voices for Cooperative Power opposing the agency’s proposed power plant rule.

The strong response to the ongoing campaign by NRECA’s grassroots platform reflects the importance of the issue to co-ops and their members, said Patrick Ahearn, NRECA’s political affairs director.

“This is an issue that every co-op and consumer-member has a stake in, because it affects the reliability and affordability of their electricity,” he said.

The EPA’s proposed rule aims to essentially eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 2035. NRECA leaders say it puts electric reliability at risk and will raise costs for consumers by setting unrealistic, unachievable goals that rely on still-developing technologies like carbon capture and storage and hydrogen as a fuel.

Read the rest at NRECA


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