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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

These Formerly Incarcerated Women Launched A Worker-Owned Business

The bootstraps narrative implies it’s possible — maybe even “the American way” — to pull yourself out of poverty. The story of ChiFresh Kitchens is instead about helping each other.

Next City senior economics correspondent Oscar Perry Abello first reported this story in May 2020 after ChiFresh Kitchens opened its doors as a worker-owned commercial kitchen on the West Side of Chicago. Today it is expanding into a new facility that will multiply the kitchen’s capacity to cook and deliver meals from 500 per day to 5,000.

In this episode of the podcast, Next City executive director Lucas Grindley talks with Abello and with one of the worker-owners, Kimberly Britt, plus the consultant who helped remove systemic barriers to starting a business, Camille Kerr.

Listen to the podcast at Next City


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