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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

A tech co-op offering a new way of organising

Priya Chatwani is a worker-owner at Politics Rewired, a political tech co-operative in the US, which launched in 2020. The co-op’s first major project was working on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign using its peer-to-peer texting programme, Spoke.

During the campaign, Spoke sent 260 million messages. Politics Rewired says that its goal is “to eliminate unnecessary barriers raised by inadequate organising tools and to empower organisers to build the systems they need to meet the moment”.

“We kind of came out of the Bernie 2020 texting campaign,” Priya explains. “Because that went so well, we wanted to spread our texting services to other aligned candidates, to unions, to non-profits and advocacy organisations as well. And some clients will pay us to write their texting scripts and mobilise all their texting volunteers and run Zoom calls for them. But some clients will just send their texts through us and that’s it. We’re the most affordable peer-to-peer texting solution in the business.”

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