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Teach In: Taxes for Mutual Aid Groups

This online teach-in is for mutual aid groups facing nuts and bolts issues that come with the work we’ve all been doing. How has your group been funneling money to people in need, and what are the tax consequences? How should we store money we raise? Do we need to consider incorporating, having a fiscal sponsor, or becoming a non-profit? What are the costs and benefits of each potential approach? What should we do now if we didn’t think about this in 2020 and now one of our members got a big tax bill because they took in all the money through their personal Venmo or Paypal account? What should mutual aid groups know about banking? This webinar will be taught by Mike Haber, author of Legal Issues in Mutual Aid Operations: A Preliminary Guide. Mike is a professor at Hofstra Law School. Bring him your questions or email them now to!

Some of the information on handling money will be relevant to anyone doing mutual aid, but most of the tax questions are going to specifically address US tax law questions.

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