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Take action now to advocate for equitable co-op financing

The federal government is currently updating regulations for programs across several departments, including a few which address access to financing for cooperatives. The USFWC has worked with partners to articulate and vet responses to these updates to ensure co-ops have continued and expanded access to financial options.

We ask you to submit comment and tell the Small Business Administration and Treasury Department to ensure co-ops can access two important finance options: The Small Business Administration’s loan programs, and the Treasury Department’s CDFI Fund. 

Here are the three important actions:

  1. Submit a letter of support to the Department of Treasury here on your letterhead using this template, telling them to ensure co-ops can access CDFI funds
  2. Sign on to this comment letter as a supporter of removing SBA’s personal guarantee requirement
  3. Submit your own comment letter using this template as a supporter of removing SBA’s personal guarantee requirement (yes, doing both helps!)

A few minutes of your time can make a huge difference in making sure co-ops have access to financing.

If you have any questions, email Aaliyah Nedd, NCBA CLUSA Government Relations Manager at or Mo Manklang, USFWC Policy Director at

Keep reading for more context below.

Read the rest at US Federation of Worker Co-ops


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