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Stir to Action Recieves Working Capital from Co-op Loan Fund

Stir to Action was founded as an online publisher in 2012 platforming new ideas and debate around economic alternatives. Over the past decade it has developed into a national infrastructure body for economic development, focussing on using democratic ownership to transform inequality, the climate emergency and political culture.

The worker co-op has a multi-layered approach with three broad strands of work focusing on direct economic development programmes, research & policy influence, and providing business support. Stir to Action also publish STIR, a much-admired quarterly magazine, and host a popular festival of new economic ideas every year.

Co-op Loan Fund were delighted to provide a loan to Stir to Action to help with working capital as the worker co-op continues to grow and expand their profile. Kevin Lloyd-Evans, Lending and Relationship Manager at Co-op Loan Fund said: “Stir to Action are emerging as a key player in supporting and promoting co-operative working through their support programmes, events, network building and publishing. There is a natural fit between the aims of Co-op Loan Fund and the work of Stir to Action. It is great to see Stir to Action growing and developing as an organisation. We hope this loan will help sustain the success achieved with our first loan.”

Read the rest at Co-op Loan Fund


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