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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

‘Solidarity Ale' supports Anchor Brewing workers' bid to buy and re-open historic S.F. brewery

"When we first heard ... that Anchor (Brewing) was closing, the first thought is complete dread," Felipe Bravo said. "If an institution like that can't survive, how are we supposed to survive?"

In some ways, the two establishments couldn't be more different: Fox Tale is a tiny brewery just over a year old that specializes in beers made from unusual combinations of local ingredients. Anchor Brewing has a 127-year history of brewing beer with mass-market appeal that was once distributed nationwide. But at their core, the owners of Fox Tale and the workers recently laid off by Anchor's closure are cut from the same cloth: they love brewing beer.

"The beer industry is a very tight-knit community," Felipe said. "A lot of people know each other."

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