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Rethinking the Future of Intentional Communities

Given the increasingly dramatic impacts of climate change, economic collapse, and social inequality, intentional communities are set to become models for how humans can live high-quality and low-impact lives together. The world will be looking at us! This scenario raises two questions for us, both as individuals and as communities:

  • Who will we need to be then? And
  • How will we get from here to there?

Intentional communities have done a great deal in creating safe, nourishing, and sustainable spaces. However, how can communities measure up to a meaningful impact in the context of larger society?

To truly become pivot points upon which humanity can turn towards a better future, we need to take a step further; we need to see more collaboration and coordination amongst intentional communities–to create a movement of intentional communities. 

This is the time to come together and use the strength of collective power to be the change we want to see in the world. “Regional self-sufficiency and resilience, combined with cooperative and equitable economic and political systems, are our best bet for weathering the coming storm, regardless of its strength.” –Sky Blue’s Open Letter to Intentional Communities. This event is an open invitation to community members to discuss the future of intentional communities. Collaborate with us on how we rethink the communities movement and help to move towards the kinds of cooperative, equitable, and resilient cultures and systems that are needed to create a world that works for everyone.

In this webinar we’ll address:

  • What would a meaningful impact of Intentional Communities look like?
  • How can we create more solidarity, alignment and collective action in the Intentional Community movement?
  • How can we balance our needs to change the world and to live good lives?
  • What are major hurdles getting from here to there and how might we address them?

Rethinking the Future of Intentional Communities


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