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Recovering Social Catholicism (Arizmendi, La Pira, McKnight)

A panel discussion about three key figures of the social Catholicism of the 20th century--and what their legacy can and should mean today.

Fri, November 4, 2022, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

About this event

Fr. Josemaria Arizmendi (founder of the Mondragon cooperatives), Giorgio La Pira (antiwar mayor of Florence Italy in the 1960s and an architect of Italy's social democracy, and Fr. Albert McKnight (organizer of the Southern Cooperative Development Fund in the Jim Crow South of the 1960s): three figures in a style of Catholic engagement with our socioeconomic world sorely lacking today.

This panel, moderated by M.T. Davila (Merrimack College), includes:

  • Elias Crim, publisher at Solidarity Hall, speaking about Arizmendi;
  • Matthew Shadle, Professor of Theology (Marymount University) on La Pira; and
  • Nate Tinner-Williams, founder and editor of Black Catholic Messenger, on Fr. Albert McKnight.

The event is also a dual book launch (from Solidarity Hall), with these titles being released together:

  • Reflections, by Fr. Josemaria Arizmendi, with an Introduction by Nathan Schneider and an Afterword by Jessica Gordon Nembhard
  • Power of Hope, by Riccardo Clementi (a new biography of Giorgio La Pira)

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