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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

PATHS for BIPOC Healers: An Interdisciplinary Healing Justice Workshop

This 3 hour participatory workshop for Black, Indigenous and Other People of Color will provide 101 level information on how solidarity economy, social justice movement building, and abolition relate to and can bolster our work as racialized and marginalized healers. Through this information we will then discuss the hopes and challenges of implementing these radical and restorative practices in our work. This space will particularly focus on Black experience and liberation.

Expected Outcomes/ Objectives

1. Attendees will be able to name at least 1 non-white theory of Identity Development
2. Attendees will learn ways to utilize games and experience of joy to help adult clients connect and reconnect with themselves.
3. Attendees will be able to begin applying the principles and practices associated with solidarity economy, movement building, and abolition in their healing practices
4. Attendees will examine their own identities and self-knowledge.

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