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Organic Valley Cooperative Welcomes 100+ Organic Family Farms in 2024

In recognition of National Dairy Month, Organic Valley has announced an ambitious plan to onboard more than 100 small organic family farms into its cooperative by the end of 2024. The cooperative, already the largest organic farmer-owned entity in the United States, has steadily increased its membership, reflecting its ongoing commitment to supporting and preserving small organic farms.

Organic Valley’s growth strategy focuses on integrating new farms from diverse regions, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, and Iowa. This regional diversity helps enhance the cooperative’s supply chain resilience and product availability nationwide. The cooperative’s executive vice president of membership, Shawna Nelson, emphasized that these additions align with Organic Valley’s mission of nourishing organic food, sustainable family farming, and fostering thriving communities.

By bringing in these new farmer-owners, Organic Valley continues to lead the organic movement, demonstrating its ability to adapt and expand while maintaining high standards. Many of the new farms are joining due to challenges with other businesses or a desire to adopt more pasture-based organic farming methods, ensuring a stable future for the next generation of farmers.

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