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New York Finally Gets Its First Worker-Owned Cooperative Cocktail Bar

As a worker-owned cooperative, all of Donna’s employees now have a path to becoming worker-owners of the cocktail bar, earning a share of the profits and a vote on major decisions involving financial or workplace policies like wages or paid leave and other benefits. Bernardo is on a fast-track to becoming the fifth worker-owner at Donna, out of more than a dozen employees.

“There’s a lot of beautiful things about being in the hospitality industry, and a lot of pitfalls,” Bernardo says from behind the bar on Donna’s May 17 grand re-opening. “And I think part of solving those pitfalls is taking care of the people who take care of you. We always talk in the hospitality industry about how do we take care of the people sitting in front of us, but very few times do we see that same hospitality extended to the person next to you.”

Read the rest at Next City

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