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Navigating Conflict and Restoring Connection

Conflict is inevitable. Alyson Ewald shares how to have a good fight and transform harm into connection, through personal and effective conflict systems.

In this episode

  • Set up a conflict system (8 minutes)
  • How to have a ‘good fight’ (15 minutes)
  • Mulch the ground for conflict with connecting activities (19 minutes)
  • Express how we feel harm to show courage, trust and care for our relationships (38 minutes)
  • Practice with smaller conflicts, as part of the system design (42 minutes)
  • Explore needs and impacts, when agreements are not upheld (44 minutes)
  • Five pre-conditions for Restorative Circles (57 minutes)
  • Restoring connection (1 hour and 10 minutes)

About Alyson Ewald

Alyson Ewald works with individuals and groups to design systems and practices that support learning, connection, creative conflict engagement, and collaborative decision making. She also facilitates the social dimension of Gaia Education’s online course in sustainable design. She’s a Missouri certified teacher, certified Permaculture designer, and an avid student of governance, conflict, and justice. In 2005 she co-founded Red Earth Farms, a homesteading community in northeast Missouri, U.S., where she continues to practice permaculture and social transformation.

Learn more about Alyson and her work at Learn more about the work of Dominic Barter and Restorative Circles at

Listen to the episode at Foundation for Intentional Community


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