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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Is the Nation Retreating Already?

JGN: Childcare problems are more acute because many schools are not operating full time and many childcare centers are closed. Transportation is less reliable because of cutbacks. Many workplaces are more dangerous. 

These issues have always been there, but have been ignored or invisible to so many people. They are now obvious. I hope and think that more people recognize this is not the time to be reasserting backward, very anti-labor actions and attitudes. Now is the time for us to coalesce and see ourselves as a humane society that treasures and cares about the people who do the work that has to be done. Now is a time for us to raise ourselves up and say, this is the kind of society we want to be: one that reveres and rewards the people who do the tough work to keep our society going.

It starts with caring for our fellow human beings. I am a very strong advocate of worker ownership and particularly worker cooperatives, which are ways that employees can actually own and control their own companies and enterprises. There's a movement right now to help convert some, especially small businesses, to worker ownership in order to make them a bit more stable and flexible.

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