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NASCO Institute 2022: Growing Back Together

Growing Back Together

NASCO has worked to adapt to members’ changing needs and respond to the major challenges that have emerged in the last two years. Rather than a 3-day virtual conference, this year’s NASCO Institute will be a full month of educational events, including several virtual event series, at-home guided activities, and a small in-person Member Retreat and Annual General Meeting. This Institute season will prioritize leadership development within our co-ops, organizational resiliency, collaborative visioning towards NASCO’s future, and building connections in new ways. 

Through this year’s theme, we will hold sessions focused on co-op basics, skill-sharing, anti-oppression, and building new connections

Member Retreat & Annual General Meeting

We are excited to have an in-person component to NASCO Institute again this year - the NASCO Member retreat! The NASCO Member Retreat will take place November 4-6 in Ann Arbor, MI. Every NASCO member cooperative is encouraged to send at least one person to represent their co-op at NASCO's Annual General Meeting (AGM). Member co-ops may also register additional people for the non-voting parts of the retreat. During the retreat, NASCO member reps will learn new skills, participate in cooperative movement visioning activities, and make connections with other cooperators. AGM reps will receive free registration to the Member Retreat.

NASCO Members can submit proposals for the NASCO Annual General Meeting here prior to September 15, 2022. 

Read the rest at North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)


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