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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy


MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center is the oldest and largest cooperative federation in the Philippines. Since June 2018, MASS-SPECC has 319 affiliate primary cooperatives of which the majority (64%) are multi-purpose cooperatives, and 26% are savings and credit cooperatives. Among those, 16 are labor service cooperatives. These are cooperatives that provide jobs to its members by providing manpower services to companies in need.

MASS-SPECC provides support services like audit, technical advice, training, and extension services. It also represents the interest of its cooperatives with government and other stakeholders. MASS-SPECC cooperatives come mostly from the region of Mindanao (95%) and a few from the islands of Visayas and Luzon. MASS-SPECC’s area of operation is national in coverage (throughout the Philippines), but consciously focused on the cooperatives in Mindanao.

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