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The Long-Forgotten Words of a Co-operative Champion

Principle 5, the Sheffield-based co-operative resource centre, has published the latest in its series of re-discovered pamphlets from the history of the co-operative movement, called The Future of Co-operation, originally written in 1927 by Alice Honora Enfield.

Almost completely forgotten today, Enfield was a key figure in the growth of international co-operation among women in the 1920s and ’30s, serving as general secretary of the Women’s Co-operative Guild from 1921-26 and as secretary of the International Co-operative Women’s League from 1926 until she died in 1935.

The new P5 publication is a re-print of selected parts of Enfield’s 1927 book, Co-operation: Its Problems and Possibilities, published by the Workers’ Educational Association. It includes sections on Robert Owen and the origins of the co-operative movement, as well as all of Enfield’s final chapter looking forward to a time when commerce, industry and services would be brought into social ownership.


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