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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Kaiser Permanente, along with city and state, fund new co-op development

In July 2022, Kaiser Permanente awarded Denver’s Center for Community Wealth Building (CCWB) $360,000 for a three-year initiative to launch six to nine new cooperatives in Denver and the neighboring city of Aurora. CCWB is using cooperative development as an economic development strategy for low-income and underserved communities at risk of displacement resulting from gentrification. Worker cooperatives stabilize jobs and income for those who might otherwise be displaced while also helping to keep small businesses, the heart of these communities, alive.

Kaiser Permanente has been partnering with CCWB for several years to improve health in the metro Denver area by investing in the economic well-being of underserved neighborhoods.

“This investment directly contributes to Kaiser Permanente’s goal to help underrepresented communities improve financial security, reduce debt, and build wealth,” Ellen Weaver, director of Community Health and Engagement said. “Inclusive economic opportunity and growth are critical to both individual and community health.”

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