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Italian car workers fight for alternative green production plan

The factory, at Campi Bisenzio near Florence (Firenze), has been occupied since July 2021, when Melrose Industries, the asset-stripping corporation that took over GKN, announced it would close. Other GKN plants were also junked.

Negotiations with a possible new owner failed earlier this year. The 185 workers who remain at Campi Bisenzio are now threatened with the sack, and eviction from the building, on 1 January 2024.

They have issued an appeal to international supporters to help them raise 1 million euros for a co-operative that will keep the factory open: more than €315,000 has come in so far. Organisations are asked to buy 500 euro shares, and individuals to signify their readiness to contribute 100 euros and club together with others.

Details of how to take part are on the Insorgiamo (We’ll Rise Up) web site.

The co-op will implement a plan, worked out with researchers and engineers, to shift production away from car parts to alternative technologies that help address the climate crisis: cargo bikes and solar panels.

Read the rest at Anticapitalist Resistance


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