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Impact of US co-op grocers demonstrated in new report

In its report, 2021 Food Co-op Impact Report, NCG references its vision for a food system which prioritises people’s wellbeing, across nine key areas: co-operatives, inclusive economies, racial equity, food justice, local food, organic certification, climate, environment and community.


The report found that on average, NCG food co-ops buy from 178 local producers, accounting for 26% of total sales. This figure is up from the 22% reported last year. 

This year, NCG reported that 40% of food co-ops’ combined annual US$2.4bn sales come from certified organic products, which is 7% lower than last year, and Fairtrade certified products made up 5% of sales, a slight drop from last year’s 6%.

Read the rest at Co-operative News


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