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Housing success — Red ribbons and red tape

It took almost three years, but we did it! The Compost Co-operative and Oxbow Design Build Co-operative transformed a dilapidated building in Greenfield into apartments that will last centuries rather than decades. Six people who collectively experienced decades of homelessness and housing insecurity now have homes.

While this is a “red-ribbon” accomplishment, that’s only six people out of tens of thousands who face homelessness and housing insecurity every day in Massachusetts. James Palardy, a worker-owner at the Compost Co-op, points out that “you can have integrity, morals and a great work ethic and still be homeless. Being fully employed at minimum wage is not enough to live on. Literacy issues, technological barriers, and doing everything under duress makes securing a place to live difficult and stressful.”

Read the rest at the Greenfield Recorder


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