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Glass Arrow Coffee Faces New Hurdles as It Aims to Create a Workers' Cooperative

“Glass Arrow doesn’t have a lot of assets; it’s mostly just a brand,” he explains. “My goal is, by the end of 2023, by working with a couple nonprofits that specialize in empowering workers, to create an employee cooperative and turn over the ownership of Glass Arrow to that cooperative."

In turn, the cooperative, operating under the name of Glass Arrow, will sub-contract out labor to run Subjective and Roostercat. Bebout will become one-eighth owner of Glass Arrow, giving himself and the other employees an equal share in the company. “There are eight of us, so everyone is going to own 12.5 percent," he explains. "We will make all of our decisions democratically, and we'll be able to bill Subjective and Roostercat for our work with a small premium and be able to make decisions and grow the collective.”

The employees have been operating with democratic decision-making, but the creation of the collective will make it official. Bebout hopes the new year and new structure will mean stability for the staff and the three cafes, each of which has its own personality. Glass Arrow, given its location on Colfax, features an Americana/Route 66 vibe accented with the neon that Bebout is known for, offering a specialty coffee shop experience at an affordable price point.

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