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Georgia Co-op Development Center Seeks New Exec. Director

About GCDC: Georgia Co-op Development Center is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide assistance to startup and existing cooperative businesses across the state of Georgia with the goal of addressing the social and cultural needs and aspirations of our communities and helping to create a more equitable economy in Georgia. Founded in 2017, GCDC has helped over 50 different co-ops with business planning technical assistance, spanning all ownership types (worker, consumer, producer, multistakeholder) and many industries (farming/fishing, retail, value added food production, child care, home care, information security, video games, cleaning, real estate, investment, and more). GCDC and our partners Regenerate Atlanta Cooperative Wealth Fund are the creators of the Georgia Cooperative Academy, a place-focused 12 week total cooperative business accelerator for startups and conversions, and which has already graduated 6 worker cooperatives as of December 2021. 

Position Description: Executive Director
Reports to: Board of Directors
Status: Part-time to full-time
Pay rate: $35 to $50 per hour, commensurate with experience
Location: Georgia

Purpose of position: Lead and direct GCDC and its staff in the development of new, converting and existing cooperatives, and creation of cooperative economic development projects that work toward profitability and the viability of communities. Facilitate all stakeholders (e.g GCDC staff, board, volunteers and partners), coordinating the best use of professional skills and innovative thinking to achieve the program goals and objectives and successfully managing all grants and program revenues.

Read the rest and apply at Georgia Cooperative Development Center


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