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A Food Delivery App That Guarantees a Living Wage

With £20,000 in government funding and grants from foundations, Wings has hired a half-dozen riders who work five-hour shifts for a guaranteed wage of £11.05 an hour, the minimum needed to get by in London, according to the nonprofit Living Wage Foundation.


Wings uses a service called CoopCycle, provided by a Paris company that charges about 2% of revenue for software that can track couriers and manage orders from shops and restaurants. The company has licensed the program to roughly 75 groups across Europe, most of them less than a year old and about half of which are supported by some form of government funding, says Adrien Claude, who helps CoopCycle members gain traction...

Many cooperatives on the platform pay drivers per delivery, but Wings goes a step further by guaranteeing a minimum wage—though that makes it harder to reach break-even, Mason says. Although Wings makes £8-£10 per order, including commission from the restaurant and a delivery fee. However, it still loses a couple of thousand pounds every month.

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