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Flat Iron Cooperative, a shared goal in Bellows Falls

The Flat Iron Cooperative is located at 51 The Square, in the historic brick building at the intersection of The Square and Westminster and Mill streets. It was co-founded by three friends: Larisa Demos, a board chair of the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives and a board member of the Springfield Co-op; Bri Johnson, the owner of the Flat Iron Cooperative who has a background in art and as a librarian; and Jana Bryan, a landscape architect and former owner of the Flat Iron Exchange Coffee Shop.

With their ample experience, research, and passion, they aim to invigorate and bring together the community of Bellows Falls with a worker-owned coffeehouse, market and community space. At its core, it’s a values-driven business that puts worker and community benefit at the forefront. It aims to be a space filled with poetry, art, music, coffee, healthy food options, and spirits, with plans for events and workshops aimed at kids, teens, and adults and collaborations with other local organizations. Overall, the Flat Iron Cooperative is for people of all ages of all interests and was created by and with the Bellows Falls community.

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