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Fire at Twin Oaks Community

The fire spread from the neighboring land and took out the kilns, the warehouse and all the woodworking spaces (called ECW). It also spread to the conference site and destroyed the pavilion, the kitchen and all of the material storage up there. Miraculously, Oz (which is the spray varnish building that had burned some years back and had been replaced by a steel and concreate building) survived the blaze.

After some hours, after surveying briefly the damage i spotted a number of small fires in the woods between Tupelo and EC. I spent a couple of hours extinguishing these, while the fire fighters were working on bigger blazes. Perhaps most scary was their work on a fire which was quite near Tupelo, one of our larger residences.

The problem was several trees were still on fire higher up than could be reached and were dropping burning branches to the ground. But fortunately the cool night air was reducing the spread of the fire.

In all this tragedy there is some good news. No one was hurt, none of the various pets, many of which could not be found at the time of the evacuation, have been reported missing. No residences were harmed (though Tupelo had a close call).


You can contribute to the general Twin Oaks Community Fire Relief Fund, the Twin Oaks Conference Site Fire Relief Fund, or both.

You can contribute to the general Twin Oaks Community Fire Relief Fund via Stripe. This link has the lowest fees, and contributions will focus primarily on general repairs and restoration. You can contribute using a debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, Cash App, Klarna or a bank account. ​​Contributions via this link are not tax deductible. Donate to the Twin Oaks Recovery Fund here.

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