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Equitable Housing: Black Community Development through Cooperative Housing

DATE: March 20th

TIME: 6 - 8 PM EST

Topic: " Equitable Housing: Black Community Development through Cooperative Housing"

Explore the transformative role of cooperative housing in addressing housing disparities within Black communities. Engage with case studies of successful Black-led cooperative housing projects and discover strategies for creating affordable, inclusive, and sustainable housing solutions.

Speaker: Lester Cuffie

Lester Matthew Cuffie, a Washington, D.C. native, is a distinguished advocate and community leader. A graduate of Phelps Vocational Class (Hydraulic Engineering, 1968) and the University of District of Columbia (B.A. Political Science, 1983), he earned a J.D. from Antioch School of Law in 1987. Cuffie served as Legislative Clerk for Counselor Member Hilda Mason and an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. Notably, he authored editorials on the D.C. Housing Crisis, testified before the city council on affordable housing, and spearheaded initiatives leading to the passage of the Rent Control reform measure in 2006. Cuffie also played a pivotal role in reforming the Tenant Opportunity Purchase Act (TOPA) and establishing the Tenant Advocate Office. Engaging in community education forums on financial literacy and estate planning, he is a member of various organizations, contributing significantly to housing justice and development initiatives. Recent accomplishments include coordinating fundraising events and advocating for affordable housing developments.

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