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Equal Voices: Molly (and Dora)

Being able to incorporate pets into care and support is something that I think the majority of us will agree to be both a novelty and quality of life-changing. Whether that be in the form of me showing pictures and videos, chatting about and even introducing my pets to the people I support, I have always seen such positive results in doing so. My good friend Iris and I - whom I have been supporting since January 2022, often talk about animals, the pets we have both had and those we would like to have, as well as religiously watching David Attenborough together. The topic never fails to make us smile.

Whilst visiting Iris I often brought along my wonderful dog Dora: a 6-year-old standard poodle with a slightly over-the-top obsession with balls, and the softest, curliest fluff ever. Dora would make herself comfortable in Iris’ home by settling down by her feet in the front room, asking for the ball to be thrown and coming along on walks around parks and into Elland with us. The three of us have even visited a garden centre together! Dora loves the extra attention from Iris and is very careful to be gentle when asking for fusses - of which Iris is always very happy to oblige.

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