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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

El Chisme Co-op wraps hot dogs with bacon and gossip

For 12 years, a bustling food cart has drawn a crowd to a Raymond Road parking lot several evenings a week. Its name, on paper, was Brothers Hot Dogs.

But its biggest fans have long known the cart as El Chisme — Spanish for “The Gossip.” They bring their own folding chairs to hang out in the parking lot, make small talk in line and order the weekly special before they even ask what it is. 


Last month, the business became a worker cooperative, a move Gomez thinks will help her expand and tap into additional community resources. 

She learned about the option when she called worker advocacy nonprofit Worker Justice Wisconsin about a workplace problem her brother was dealing with. The organization is known for helping workers recover stolen wages, file discrimination complaints and, more recently, form unions.

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