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Eastern Ky. Mutual Aid groups need your help

Another branch of the Eastern Kentucky Mutual Aid group is hosting a holiday drive for Lechter County residents affected by the summer flooding. 

Jessica Shelton, director of the Appalachian Media Institute at Appalshop, is volunteering with the effort. 

“Mutual aid is a big community, region-wide effort,” Shelton said. “The community is this whole region. And there are people in different areas of the region that are focusing on more local efforts for mutual aid.”

The group is also raising funds, and is asking for physical items such as toys for youth of all ages, and gifts and wrapping supplies for adults.

“I feel like teenagers sometimes get a little forgotten about when we do these toy drives, so, please include them,” Shelton said. “We’re also going to have some sort of wrapping paper kits that [residents] can take with them and have Christmas on Christmas Day. We’re just trying to give them all the resources that we’re able to so they can celebrate the holidays this year.”

Read the rest at WFPL News Louisville


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