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Disabled People, Co-operatives and Co-operation

Disabled People, Co-operatives and Co-operation

Hybrid event presenting research about disabled people and co-ops and networking for disabled people involved or interested in co-ops.

Tue, 7 March 2023, 11:00 – 17:00 GMT

The event will include:

- presentation of my research report from the project "Work without bosses, homes without landlords, and nothing about us without us: Researching disabled people's involvement in co-operatives in the UK" (see for more on my research)

- presentations from co-ops founded by or to meet the needs of disabled people

- discussions about the potential of co-ops of various types (housing, workers, multi-stakeholder) to overcome disabling barriers

- networking space for disabled people and allies who are involved or interested in getting involved in co-ops

- hopefully practical steps towards founding some new co-ops!

A more precise schedule for the day will be released soon when presenters/panel participants have been confirmed.

Register for the event on Eventbrite


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