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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Data Driven Detroit becomes worker-owned

Despite the recent shift to a worker-owned cooperative, Quesnelle says things haven’t changed much at D3. Rather, the transition has been more of a legal formality than an entirely new way of operating.

“[D3 has] always been very focused on collaboration and cooperative decision-making, so the switch to this employee-owner model is really just making that all legal,” Quesnelle says.

To ensure everyone on D3’s 10-person team has a voice, the company employs a detailed decision-making process that gives every team member a seat at the table — a strategy the firm has relied on for years.

“We use a modified form of the sociocracy concept. With sociocracy, one person makes a proposal and the rest of the team discusses the merits of the proposal and voices any concerns that they might have. Once everyone has had a chance to weigh in, the finalized version goes out for consensus. In sequence, each team member has the opportunity to either consent to the proposal as written or offer an amendment, and the process continues until everyone has consented,” Urban explains.

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