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Cooperative Movement Worried That Politicians Using Cooperatives for Political Expediency

The Cooperative Movement in Zambia has expressed concern on how Cooperatives have become a fertile ground for mobilization by politicians. Speaking on Tuesday’s edition of Let the People Talk program on Phoenix FM, Global Entrepreneurship Network Managing Director Edwin Zulu noted with concern that politicians are using Cooperatives for political expediency as opposed to mobilizing people to form Cooperatives for business purposes.

Mr. Zulu explained that Cooperatives in turn align themselves to politicians, thereby affecting the performance of the Cooperative. “This is contributing to the killing of the Cooperative movement in Zambia because most of them are politically inclined,” he said

He disclosed that an entrepreneurship mindset is one aspect that has been missing in the Cooperative movement in Zambia, adding that entrepreneurship is not just about making money but entrepreneurship is about identifying problems and coming up with business solutions.

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