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Catalyzing worker co-ops & the solidarity economy

Cooperation Buffalo Hiring Full-Time Cooperative Developer

Cooperation Buffalo is a community-led resource center, a team of cooperative business developers and educators, and a community-controlled non-extractive loan fund. We mobilize workers to achieve economic security through cooperative business ownership, generating wealth and power in communities most affected by inequality.

We engage our community in training and education in cooperative economics and do work to grow economic democracy and an ecosystem of cooperatively owned
enterprises in Buffalo and Western New York.

We support the start-up of new worker cooperatives and conversions of existing
businesses to worker ownership that meet the criteria of our Values Filter. We offer
technical assistance to other cooperatives when we can.

We circulate capital to cooperatives in a non-extractive way through our membership in Seed Commons, a national financial cooperative that is dedicated to financing
democratically owned companies, particularly for workers who have been undervalued and pushed to the margins of the economy due to race, origin, economic or immigration status, gender, and age.

Cooperation Buffalo is led by Buffalo cooperators: community members with experience launching and working in worker cooperatives, housing cooperatives, collectives, and community land trusts. Cooperatives that receive support from Cooperation Buffalo will join the governance of the organization and the loan fund, participating in democratic decisions regarding loans, long-term strategy, and what services to provide.

Read the job description at Cooperation Buffalo


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