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Co-operative Housing Ireland launches 69 homes in Clare

Moínear is the home of 69 new families, each of whom will bea Member of the Ralahine Co-operative, allowing people living in the estate to have a meaningful say in how their homes and communities are managed.

Speaking about moving into her new home in Moínear, CHI Member, Amanda Shannon said, “I have a vision for this place, to make it a nice and relaxing home. I’m going to put a desk in here to work at. I’ve already found one that measures, but my first thing to do is create calm in the space. I’m going to paint it a nice clean colour like white or grey, but something with a warm undertone to it instead of a cool one.”

The homes were delivered in partnership with Clare County Council, the Housing Finance Agency, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, the Housing Agency, Ennis based construction companies, Datcha Construction and Glencore Construction.

Read the rest at Co-operative Housing Ireland


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