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Co-op Wars: Lessons for the Future from the Past

Last Friday, through the Cooperative Management Education Alumni and Student Co-op, I has the opportunity to screen a new film about the “Co-op Wars” that happened in Minneapolis in the 1970s. Producer Erik Esse, himself a former member and workers at the North Country Co-op Grocery, presented the film and led a discussion about the film and the moment. The film is directed by Deacon Warner, edited by John Dilley, and features Peter Coyote as the narrator. Radical Roots Films offers a preview as well.

The film does a wonderful job of documenting the events and speaking with the different actors between the groups vying for control, one of which is the “The Co-operative Organization” or CO. I don’t want to give the documentary away, I think that everyone should see it. I do want to talk about some of the lessons that I took form viewing it and chatting with my fellow alums.

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