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Co-op Hackathon

Save the date for the next Co-op Hackathon on 8-9 May in Manchester! This FREE two‑day event will see co‑operators join forces to collaboratively develop innovative digital solutions to support the UK co‑op movement and benefit society in general. 

It’s being delivered in partnership with The Co-operative Bank – and in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University’s Design Factory. 

People throughout the co-op movement will be invited to take part. They can bring an idea that they want to develop collaboratively or contribute their skills to a team.

Promoting digital innovation in the co‑op movement is a major part of our strategy. We want to amplify and increase collaboration around tech – how we develop it, how we share it and how it empowers co‑ops across our movement.

More details and information on how to apply to take part this year will be announced soon. Sign up to the UnFound newsletter (below) to keep updated. 

Read the rest at Co-operatives UK


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